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The Battle of Ideas

Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in administration, capitalism, Conservatism, GOP, ideology, Mtv, Socialism | 0 comments

I was going through some emails today and came across a great one from someone who has genuine concerns about the direction of our ideals.  The concern surrounding government or private ownership of business is real.  Our current national debate over healthcare and the public option, and looking back at the corporate bailouts in exchange for government ownership proves the point for concern.  Where are we headed?  Does the current Administration only favor private ownership or self government only when the public refuses to have it any other way?

Here’s the email….what do you think?

“So im becoming frustrated.
I can’t comprehend the huge difference between the liberal and conservative viewpoints. I believe it is natural for people to have fundamental differences in their beliefs, but it is coming to the point where the gap in beliefs is so wide and the sides are so angry that it is ripping this country apart.
Is it that one side is blind or uneducated? Are they stupid? I’m sure that liberals think we are stupid, but when I rationalize my own thoughts and values, I cannot see how their view points are in any way correct. I see it as a fast track to socialism……but I talk to more and more people who are OK with socialistic ideas. Is this just a sign of the times? Is America becoming so lazy that the majority no longer want to work for their success? Do we all just want to sit around and wait for a handout?
However, the liberals don’t see it as a hand out. Do they really believe that this is good policy or is there a higher motivation? The liberals in charge have money, perhaps more money than conservatives. SO what is their motivation? Are they really so brilliant to prey off the [needy] in society, empowering the[m] and using them for votes and policy change which makes those in charge richer? Or are the leaders (Obama, Pelosi, etc) really this naïve? 
The liberals are now so empowered that they are using Rush Limbaugh as the face of the GOP, and its working. This leads me to believe that, while conservative beliefs are correct, that the GOP leaders have no idea what they are doing. It also leads me to believe that the MTV/Reality show world is winning. The media and mainstream society conducts full assaults on all conservative beliefs and wins……….is there hope for our beliefs or will this cycle continue?

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Tea, Anyone?

Posted by on Apr 16, 2009 in Conservatism, Freedom, Obama, Socialism, Taxes, Tea Party | 0 comments

I witnessed the many images of real Americans protesting the current fiscal irresponsibility of our government.  The “Tea Parties” displayed a wonderful array of people concerned about the economic futures of themselves and their children.  What a great testament in opposition to those who say Americans do not really care about current events and fiscal matters!

Although I have not yet decided as to whether I support the Tea Party movement, I think if it remains true to its causes, it is probably a good thing.  I credit the Obama administration for taking action to tackle the recession and the financial mess on Wall Street.  But I think that the Tea Party movement which brings to light how America has been fleeced by both parties via bailouts is a great wake up call to Washington.  It is a great reminder to those in power that America believes in BOTH personal and financial freedoms; and that America cares about the future of its children.  We especially do not want to see our children excessively taxed to pay for bailouts caused by greed.
Some regulation of the residential mortgage industry is needed to avoid another housing bubble.  Additional regulation is probably needed to prevent our banks from creating other unsustainable asset bubbles.  But let us avoid having the government’s foot in the doors of our banks and businesses.  History has proven that private ownership of the means of production has brought greater wealth to the world than socialism.  While there will always be bumps in the roads of financial markets, we need those financial markets to be free from as much government intervention as possible.  So please tell your representatives to avoid over-reacting to a temporary circumstance.
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