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Winning the War on Terror With the CIA

Posted by on Apr 28, 2009 in CIA, Conservatism, Democrats, Interrogation, President Obama, War on Terror | 0 comments

Why are the Democrats (and some Republicans) creating a straw man over the CIA interrogation methods?  Is it because they believe that captured suspected terrorists or terrorist sympathizers deserve treatment in accord with the Geneva Conventions?  That does not seem to be the case.  The reason, I submit, is because they want to deflect attention away from President Obama learning his foreign policy on-the-job.  
Has President Obama’s policy of engagement brought Iran or North Korea to the negotiating table to stop their nuclear programs?  No.  Has he been able to get the Russians to tone down their nationalistic sabre rattling over the issue of former Soviet satellites entering NATO?  No; instead he allowed the Russians to pin nuclear warhead reduction talks to a dismantling of the U.S. European missile shield.  
But don’t worry about those issues.  Instead, concentrate on the perceived sins of the past committed by those working on the intelligence fronts in the War on Terror.  Let’s judge the methods used in the successful effort to stop attacks against America from the safe armchair of hindsight.  

Entertaining the straw man created by the left leads to an unavoidable problem.  The problem is that the Democrats knew of the CIA interrogation methods well before such knowledge was politically convenient.  So the straw man could be knocked down in both directions, harming those who created it, as well as those who simply worked to win the War on Terror.  

The Wall Street Journal had a great Op-Ed piece regarding the political amnesia issue.  Check it out.
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U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Posted by on Mar 1, 2009 in Iraq, President Obama, troop withdrawal | 0 comments

Kudos to President Obama for realizing that a complete U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq is not possible nor fair to the Iraqi people. Our troops have done a fantastic job in treacherous circumstances to bring some peace and stability to Iraq. Let us hope that the Iraqi troops can be as successful in allowing a sustainable democracy to grow as the U.S. troops have done.

As for the Democratic contingent that is critical of the withdrawal timetable, please review your recent history. If the U.S. pulled all troops out of Iraq too early and too quickly, it would exasperate relations between the various Iraqi political and religious factions, and lead to disruptions or violence. Too many of our U.S. heroes have worked too hard and have bled too much in protecting America and promoting Iraqi freedom to allow any chance that their great work be diminished by Democrats catering to the left.

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