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Justice and Bipartisanship

Posted by on May 7, 2009 in Bipartisanship, Conservatism, Obama, Supreme Court | 0 comments

With the looming retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Souter, President Obama has another opportunity to court true bipartisanship.  (no pun intended)  The detractors to bipartisanship will say that the Democrats won the 2008 Presidential election, and to the victor, the spoils.  Indeed.  The victory certainly provides President Obama the right to nominate whomever he chooses.  But there remain two important considerations, among others.  

First, the next U.S. Supreme Court nominee will need to pass scrutiny in the Senate.  The Democrats control the Senate, and have an even stronger influence on the Senate Judiciary Committee with the addition of Arlen Specter to the party.  However, Supreme Court nominations are closely watched and heartily debated on both sides of the political spectrum.  
Second, if President Obama stifles conservative input on the nomination and confirmation process, bipartisanship will be proven a mirage.  This will have a negative impact on public opinion and involve some political capital cost to the President.  Especially if the issue provides the Republicans with additional ammunition to chip away at the Democrat majority in 2010.
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Lost in the Trees

Posted by on Apr 17, 2009 in CIA, Conservatism, DOJ, Obama, War on Terror, William Kristol | 0 comments

I am puzzled by the Obama administration’s somewhat schizophrenic approach to foreign policy.  In Europe the President apologized profusely for what he deemed to be sins of the past.  However, here in America, Obama’s Justice Department is seeking to reinforce the Government’s ability to wiretap those deemed dangerous.  Now we have the Administration’s Director of National Intelligence telling us we are now safe in a sunny April, 2009.

I attach a link to the brief filed by the Department of Justice regarding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, to allow you to draw your own conclusion regarding the wire tap authority.
William Kristol wrote a great article on these issues:
Please Mr. President, find a path through the woods of foreign policy that provide a clear and consistent path for America to take.  Inconsistent approaches and acknowledgements of the War on Terror do not serve our best interests to keep America safe and WIN the War on Terror.
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Tea, Anyone?

Posted by on Apr 16, 2009 in Conservatism, Freedom, Obama, Socialism, Taxes, Tea Party | 0 comments

I witnessed the many images of real Americans protesting the current fiscal irresponsibility of our government.  The “Tea Parties” displayed a wonderful array of people concerned about the economic futures of themselves and their children.  What a great testament in opposition to those who say Americans do not really care about current events and fiscal matters!

Although I have not yet decided as to whether I support the Tea Party movement, I think if it remains true to its causes, it is probably a good thing.  I credit the Obama administration for taking action to tackle the recession and the financial mess on Wall Street.  But I think that the Tea Party movement which brings to light how America has been fleeced by both parties via bailouts is a great wake up call to Washington.  It is a great reminder to those in power that America believes in BOTH personal and financial freedoms; and that America cares about the future of its children.  We especially do not want to see our children excessively taxed to pay for bailouts caused by greed.
Some regulation of the residential mortgage industry is needed to avoid another housing bubble.  Additional regulation is probably needed to prevent our banks from creating other unsustainable asset bubbles.  But let us avoid having the government’s foot in the doors of our banks and businesses.  History has proven that private ownership of the means of production has brought greater wealth to the world than socialism.  While there will always be bumps in the roads of financial markets, we need those financial markets to be free from as much government intervention as possible.  So please tell your representatives to avoid over-reacting to a temporary circumstance.
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Obama and American Sovereignty

Posted by on Apr 7, 2009 in America, Economy, Europe, Obama, Sovereignty | 0 comments

As I feared in my last post, President Obama strayed from the path of promoting America’s interests in Europe last week.  Instead, he pandered to European Anti-American sentiment and seemed quite content to allow the United States to be conceptually demoted from its position as a political, economic and military superpower.  

Watching excerpts of the President’s town hall meetings in France and Turkey revealed a demeanor indicative of one being on a class field trip, as opposed to a political and diplomatic mission.  Mr. President, the time to be apologetic for America’s preeminence is never; and certainly never on foreign soil.  
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A Foggy Day in London Town

Posted by on Apr 1, 2009 in Economy, G20, London, Medvedev, Obama, Russia | 0 comments

London is definitely the place to be this week, if you enjoy being at the center of world politics.  President Obama has a lot on his plate for the U.S., between meeting with the G20, PM Gordon Brown and Queen Elizabeth.  In addition, every television station is currently filling the air with images depicting protesters of all sorts testing their wills against the London police.  

From what I see in the media, the G20 meeting has many issues to address.  It seems as if there are almost too many issues up for discussion.  President Obama needs to be clear in what he intends to accomplish on his trip to the UK.  He needs to further efforts to promote policies that will allow the U.S. to free itself from a protracted recession.  So America goes, the rest of the world will follow, be it a continued recession or economic prosperity.
It is discouraging to see President Obama getting sidetracked from focusing on economic issues by foreign leaders.  Russian President Medvedev has already taken President Obama away from a focus on the economy and into foreign policy issues that benefit Russia.  If our President makes generalized agreements to work with the Russians to reduce nuclear warheads, it may make the world more safe, but it does not remove the existing economic barriers to free trade with other nations.  This lack of focus on the economy reduces the crucial time available to develop economic opportunities for the U.S.  with other G20 nations.  President Obama, please stay on track to promote American business and develop a framework to stabilize the world stock and currency markets.  This is what will turn the U.S. (and world) economy around and put jobs back into the hands of hardworking Americans.  
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Rush Limbaugh, Free Speech and the GOP

Posted by on Mar 5, 2009 in Free speech, GOP, Obama, Rush Limbaugh, White House | 0 comments

Why is the Obama administration, or at least those within the administration that speak to the press, taking aim to bring down Rush Limbaugh? I submit that it is not to simply kick the GOP while it is down. It is an effort to destroy the GOP, and free speech in the process. The White House wants to eliminate opposing viewpoints to make it easier to advance its policies.

As an aside, I must say that I object to the media trying to make people such as Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin the face of the GOP. Despite the many contributions those individuals have made to the GOP and the conservative movement, Rush and Sarah Palin are not the face, or the heart or soul of the GOP. Ideas and values are the face, heart and soul of the GOP. Values of smaller government, lower taxes, strict constructionist courts, building a strong defense, personal responsibility and promoting the value of life make up the GOP. These ideas and values are bigger than any one individual. It has been those ideas and values that have made America great. So let us not allow a biased media and a gloating Democratic party draw us away from our ideals and values.

Candidate and now President Obama has practically made the term “transparency” a cliche’. Despite this, his administration’s opaque and somewhat subtle plan to take aim at Rush, and those like him, in an effort to limit free speech is quite a paradox. I wonder what President Obama’s former professors at Harvard Law think about this? Particularly the President’s Constitutional Law professor? Did they skip discussion about the First Amendment? “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

It is not a coincidence that only a few weeks ago, the Democrats wanted to revive the Fairness Doctrine to require broadcasters to provide “balanced coverage” of controversial issues. Since that effort has stalled, the Democrats now seek to engage in personal attacks on conservative voices, rather than engage in meaningful debate on the issues on all of our minds today.

The current administration should simply respond to the conservative voices with its own viewpoints and move on. Any political capital President Obama won after the election should not be wasted on suppressing opposing views. For if he is to achieve all of his ambitions at the expense of free speech and meaningful dialogue, what has been accomplished? Very little; and indeed, much more will have been lost.

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