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A Foggy Day in London Town

Posted by on Apr 1, 2009 in Economy, G20, London, Medvedev, Obama, Russia | 0 comments

London is definitely the place to be this week, if you enjoy being at the center of world politics.  President Obama has a lot on his plate for the U.S., between meeting with the G20, PM Gordon Brown and Queen Elizabeth.  In addition, every television station is currently filling the air with images depicting protesters of all sorts testing their wills against the London police.  

From what I see in the media, the G20 meeting has many issues to address.  It seems as if there are almost too many issues up for discussion.  President Obama needs to be clear in what he intends to accomplish on his trip to the UK.  He needs to further efforts to promote policies that will allow the U.S. to free itself from a protracted recession.  So America goes, the rest of the world will follow, be it a continued recession or economic prosperity.
It is discouraging to see President Obama getting sidetracked from focusing on economic issues by foreign leaders.  Russian President Medvedev has already taken President Obama away from a focus on the economy and into foreign policy issues that benefit Russia.  If our President makes generalized agreements to work with the Russians to reduce nuclear warheads, it may make the world more safe, but it does not remove the existing economic barriers to free trade with other nations.  This lack of focus on the economy reduces the crucial time available to develop economic opportunities for the U.S.  with other G20 nations.  President Obama, please stay on track to promote American business and develop a framework to stabilize the world stock and currency markets.  This is what will turn the U.S. (and world) economy around and put jobs back into the hands of hardworking Americans.  
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