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Afghanistan and U.S. Security

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Afghanistan | 0 comments

Education for All

Kudos to the Vice Presidential candidates for debating substance instead of tag lines.  The question was presented as to when U.S. troops should be committed to various international conflicts.  Congressman Ryan aptly stated that troops should only be committed when U.S. Security interests are directly implicated.  We agree.

However, when considering Afghanistan, for instance, one must consider the nature and extent of U.S. security interests to determine whether it makes sense to set an arbitrary deadline to remove U.S. troops.  Congressman Ryan made a great point that setting a hard date on the calendar for withdrawal can and will likely motivate our enemies to wait us out.  But doesn’t it also embolden our enemies to seek to intimidate the citizens of the country we have liberated?  The photo above seems to depict a little girl seeking an education.  A basic right in America, but not in other parts of the world.

Allowing all citizens access to education regardless of gender can only help to foster a stable government.  Perhaps not the preferred government of our enemies, but a more stable one, nonetheless.  Our men and women in uniform have made tremendous and heart-wrending sacrifices to liberate the people of Afghanistan.  We owe it to them and the people of Afghanistan to avoid the prospect of emboldening our enemies with an arbitrary withdrawal date.  We also owe the same people a commitment to leaving a solid legacy behind when withdrawal makes sense and security can tenably be handled by the Afghan government.

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Ron Silver, R.I.P.

Posted by on Mar 18, 2009 in 9/11, Afghanistan, conservative, Hollywood, hypocrisy, intolerance, Iraq, Ron Silver, War on Terror | 0 comments

I was sorry to learn that Ron Silver passed away on Sunday.  Although I cannot claim to be a fan of “The West Wing”, I am a fan of people that stand for principle.  Ron Silver stood up for his principles in the face of ostracism and even challenges to his livelihood.

Before 9/11, Ron was a longtime Democrat.  After 9/11, he saw the light and supported President Bush and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Because of his outspoken views on the need to carry on the War against Terror, he was pushed aside for available work by the various studios in Hollywood.  I thought Hollywood was the bastion of acceptance, tolerance and open expression of views?  It seems that may be so, but only if a particular individual agrees with and expresses views commonly shared by the powers that be in Hollywood.
It is always amazing to me to witness the hypocrisy and  intolerance expressed by those in Hollywood who seek to suppress conservative views.  When they suppress conservative viewpoints, they do so in the name of political correctness, which is really a forced or imposed method of group think.  Kudos to those in the entertainment industry that refuse to compromise their principles for the shallow victory of materialistic success.
Rest in peace, Ron Silver.
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